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From St. Pauli
to Africa

"We lack

WE ARE RUGE FAMILY - AWARD-WINNING JOURNALIST ANNIKA RUGE, BESTSELLING AUTHOR MICHEL RUGE AND OUR DAUGHTER JAGUAR on the way from Sankt Pauli to Africa. We want to find out what the Western world, and especially Europe, can learn from Africa. We want to become learners - and Africa should be our teacher.
We want to be touched by the people and cultures, their more than 2,000 languages and 55 countries, their myths and traditions, their knowledge and their visions.In addition to modern cities, highly industrialized ports and internationally networked universities and companies, we immerse ourselves in the everyday life of indigenous African people. We seek exchange with heads of state and kings, with writers, artists and creative people, with people in cities and villages. The role of colonialism and its legacy is shared with us by the people we meet. Because an honest encounter and a real touch can only come about if we give the people and the continent the opportunity to tell their own story. As for the outcome of our journey, the possibilities are endless and the result completely unpredictable. What is certain, however, is that we will collect our experiences in a book in which we will break down what we have experienced and learned and which aims to make a contribution to meet Africa eye to eye.

any utopia today. We do not know where to go and how to get out of the techno-industrial situation that is damaging our habitat. Africa can counter our ecological crisis with a project of civilisation based not on material but on spiritual values."


The Book

THE GOAL of our trip is a book. In which we want to record what we can learn from Africa - about the coexistence of families and groups, about ideas and conceptions of past and future civilisations, about the meaning of mythology and religion, about happiness and, of course, about life in general. And where, if not here, at the cradle of humanity, would be the ideal place for the search.For meaning and the creation of meaning, for new approaches to human coexistence for all people.

The People

The book we are writing should tell its own story during the journey - and for that we need contact with the people and their willingness to share their thoughts with us. Their views and assessments, their perceptions and attitudes as well as the reality of their lives are the key to a new understanding of Africa. We do not have any focus or even selection criteria - we visit as many different places as possible. We roam through crowded markets, inner cities and suburbs, remote villages and national parks and, and this is the wonderful thing about this project, we almost always meet open and curious people.
You can always find a small selection of the portraits here and on our social media channels.

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Souleyman Sow was born in Niaga-Peulh in Senegal at the end of the 1980s. The small village on the shores of Lac Retba was awakened from its slumber in 1978 because the Paris - Dakar Rally ended here until 2007. Today, Lac Rose, as the salt lake is also called, is a developed and attractive region for tourists. Souleyman runs the campsite Le Nomade …


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